Beautiful, Fresh Thai Food from the Bangkok Canteen, Gloucester.
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Prawn Crackers £3.50
Spicy Thai prawn cracker with our sweet chilli sauce



Edamame £3.50
Steamed edamame beans topped with sea salt.




Crispy Squid £6.95
Crispy squid with our gluten free batter served with our sweet chilli sauce


Chicken Wing  £5.95
Fried Red Tractor chicken wings in Red wine sauce, Sesame seeds and homemade pickles.
Chicken Satay £6.50
Grilled marinated chicken skewers served with our peanut sauce and homemade pickles.
Zaap Smoked Salmon £6.95
Smoked salmon served with fresh chilli, mint, lime & pesto with fresh herb and salad.
Old Spot Skewer £6.95
Grilled marinated Gloucester old spot pork in Thai street style served with our homemade pickles topped with sesame seeds.
Tord Mun Pla £6.95
Famously spicy Thai fish cakes served with sweet chilli topped with crushed peanuts. Our recipe only contains prawn & chicken.
Se Krong Moo £6.50
Slow cooked pork spare ribs in our red wine sauce, served with our pickles topped with sesame seeds.
Pak Tord £5.95
Deeply fried gluten-free batter vegetables served with our sweet chilli sauce
Tom Mun Khao Pod £5.95
Sweet corn cake blended with gluten-free flour and Thai spices with our sweet chilli sauce.


Thai Salad

Tom Yum Soup 
Traditional Thai hot and sour clear soup flavoured with lemon grass, fresh chillies, lime leaves, galangal and mushroom.
Chicken  £6.50
Mushroom  £5.95
Prawns  £6.95
Laab Gai £10.95
Thai style minced chicken salad with, chilli, lime & shallots.


Cotswold Rack  £17.95
Grilled rack of Cotswold lamb in chilli, garlic & Thai basil sauce & mushroom.
Soft Shell Crab £17.95
Crisp soft shell crab on stir-fried onions, peppers with chilli & tamarind sauce.
Street of BKK Sirloin £17.95
Grilled 8.8oz Hereford sirloin steak from Portway Farm, Gloucester with grilled veg, salad & Bangkok Street Style Spicy chilli and lime sauce.
Jumbo Tom Yum  £16.95
Jumbo fresh water prawns in creamy tom yum sauce mushroom and Thai herbs.
Tamarind Duck £15.95
Confit British duck leg topped with tamarind sauce, crisp organic brown rice vermicelli & Evesham pak choi.
Prawns, mussels, squid fried with chilli paste, lime leaves, fresh peppercorn and a dash of coconut milk.
Seabass Green Curry £17.95
Pan roast whole sustainable farmed seabass on Thai green curry of vegetables.
Sweet & Sour
Stir- fried with pineapple, peppers, onion in sweet & sour sauce.
Battered Chicken £10.95 
Battered Prawns  £12.95
Chilli & Kapraw Basil 
 Stir- fried with onion, peppers, fine beans, bambooshoot & basil leaves.
Chicken  £10.95
Prawns  £12.95
Garlic & Ginger 
 Stir-fried with onion, peppers, mushroom, garlic & ginger.
Chicken  £10.95
Prawns  £12.95


Vegetables (Vegan)

Pad Thai
Traditional Thai recipe of organic Thai brown rice noodles with ground peanuts, egg & our pad Thai sauce on your choice of; 
Veg & Tofu  £9.95
Chicken  £10.95
Prawns  £11.95
Tofu Sweet & Sour  £8.95
Stir-fried crispy tofu & veg in sweet & sour sauce
Chu Chee Chickpeas £9.95
Spice up red curry sauce reduction with butternut squash, organic chick peas & lime leave.
Tofu Kapraw  £8.95
Stir-fried tofu with mushroom, chilli, garlic and Thai basil.
Pad Ma Kua  £7.95
Crispy aubergine in spicy tamarind sauce & basil.
Tofu Red Curry  £9.95
BKK Vegan recipe of red curry with tofu & mixed vegetables.
Pak Choi  £6.95
Stir-fried Evesham pak choi in garlic sauce.


Longhorn Massaman £16.95
Slow cooked longhorn beef in famous massaman curry with potatoes, carrots & peanuts.
Chicken Green Curry  £11.95
BKK Thai Green Curry with chicken, bamboo shoot, basil, courgettes, beans & peppers.
Old Spot Panang  £15.95
Gloucester Old Spot pork from Court Farm Shop, Cheltenham in our creamy panang curry with basil, lime leaves & our crackling.
Chicken Jungle Curry  £11.95
Non-coconut milk curry with a variety of Thai herbs paste with fresh peppercorn, butternut squash & vegetables.


Khao Pad Kai £3.50
Fried rice with free range egg from local Yolks farm, Gloucester & vegetables.
Khao Suay  £2.95
Steamed 100% Thai Jasmine rice